Another day, another messaging app by Google but at least this one is somewhat different and was released under Google’s startup incubator, Area 120. The app is called Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger (yes, that’s actually the full name) and it turn your conversations into emojis.

As you speak within the app, your messages are turned into emojis and sent in real-time. And don’t worry, Supersonic won’t be replacing Hangouts, Android Messages or Allo anytime soon. Think of Supersonic as just a new, fun way to talk to your friends.

Once you download the app, you’ll be prompted to sign into your Google account, then the app will ask you to send messages to your friends, so they can use it with you. To send a message, just hold down the mic button, say your message, then Supersonic will convert it into emojis.

One thing to note, is that not all words will be translated into an emoji but there is about 5,000 words support so far. Once your message is sent, the recipient will get your message said out loud (which is a feature that can be turned off), which can be helpful to figure out some emojis.

Like all other (cool) Google apps, this app is only available to users in the US but at least it’s not an iOS exclusive like the other Area 120 app that was released earlier this week, Uptime.

You can download the Android version of the app here and the iOS version here.

Source: Google


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