It’s almost been a year since Google and Levi’s officially announced their connected jacket called Project Jacquard. It was initially scheduled to be released this spring but now it’s coming this fall for $350 USD.

The yarn in Levi’s Commuter jacket with Jacquard combines thin, metallic alloys with natural and synthetic yarns such as cotton, polyester or silk. The combination creates a special conductive yarn.

The yarn is strong enough to be woven on any industrial loom and can be woven into an entire piece of clothing or just one section such as a sleeve to create a touch surface.

While wearing the jacket, users can use the touch surface to control things like music, the time or even answering phone calls. To be able to connect your jacket to your phone, there’s a tag that is a flexible piece of plastic that clips onto the jacket where there is a small pocket for it to fit into with a USB connector on the end. The tag has Bluetooth to connect to your phone (via an app) and the tag can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of hours, depending on usage.

There is also an LED on the tag that will help you when pairing your phone to your tag and possible receive phone notifications. The Jacquard app lets you choose what you can control on the jacket’s touch surfaces and there are preset gestures like you would see in an app like IFTTT and you can assign specific gestures to do certain actions.

For example, you could swipe left, right or double tap and they could each do different actions.

As mentioned earlier, the Levi’s Commuter jacket with Jacquard will be launching in the US this fall for $35o USD. If this proves to be successful, we’ll probably be seeing more connected clothing like this.

And if you want to read more about it, then check out 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall’s hands-on at SXSW 2017. And you can find out more about Google’s Project Jacquard at their website.

Source: 9to5Google


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