Sonos makes some expensive wireless speakers but now they’re adding a soundbar but your TV to their lineup. The company has introduced the PLAYBASE.

The PLAYBASE is more of a pedestal base than a thin speaker bar. Sonos says that about 70% of TVs are put on a piece of furniture than being wall-mounted, that’s where the company got inspiration to use the space (literally) below your TV.

The new soundbar has a slim profile and includes a horizontally-mounted subwoofer and a S-shaped port to help with airflow. The PLAYBASE supports TVs that are up to 77lbs (35kg) and there’s 3 ports on the back for power, ethernet and optical audio to connect your TV.

Since the PLAYBASE is a Sonos product, you’ll have support for multi-room listening and the company’s Trueplay to synchronize Sonos speakers that are in one room to get a true theatre audio experience.

The PLAYBASE will be available in two colours, black and white and will set you back $899 CAD ($699 USD) when it launches globally (including Canada) on April 4th.

Source: Sonos(2)



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