Plex has been working to become the “best media platform on the planet (before it’s destroyed in a tweet gone wrong).” And for the most part they have done just that.

The company announced that they have acquired Watchup, a streaming news service. And this could potentially make Plex’s platform even better.

Watchup is a service that streams news from sources Fox News, CNN, CBS, Euronews, Sky News and more. They also have access to local news channels (in the US). Their app is available on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV and Wii U.

Plex hasn’t specifically detailed what they’re planning to do with Watchup but most likely Watchup will be integrated into Plex’s platform (and most likely to their Plex Pass users first).

Plex DVR

Late last year, Plex introduced Plex DVR which allowed users with digital tuners and HD antennas to record free HDTV broadcasts to their Plex libraries with DVR features. And Watchup would fit well into this.

Source: Plex, Watchup


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