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Google announces PhotoScan to help digitize your old photos

Google has announced a new app that will help you digitize your printed photos. How it works is that the app uses your device’s camera to scan physical photos by asking you to move your phone around so the app can see your photo by multiple angles.

The app is able to pick out, “feature points” which assembles the frames into the full photo. It will also mathematically remove that glossy glare that comes from light reflecting on a physical photo.


Googler’s Nat & Lo have a video to explain it better.

If you need to make an other tweaks to your scanned photos, you can use the new editing tools that are coming in the latest Google Photos update (that is rolling out today). There are 12 new filters along with the update that all use machine learning to help make it look better.


The PhotoScan app is available right now on Android and iOS.

Source: Google

By Sachin Bahal

Sachin is a talented and versatile writer with a passion for technology and loves to write about gaming, entertainment, tech and more. He started TheCanadianTechie back in 2012 to become the ultimate, independent source for tech enthusiasts or “techies”.

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