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Google Play Music is about to get a whole lot smarter

Google has introduced a big upgraded to Play Music by enabling a smarter and more contextually aware engine for better recommendations, an easier interface and better way to cache music for offline playback.

Smart recommendations


In the centre of it all, is the new and improved recommendation engine. Google is going to be using machine learning on your listening history to help determine what types of music you’d like to hear while also taking into account, your location, local weather, time of day and possible activities.


Think of this as a amped up version of the curated playlists that were added to Google Play Music after Google acquired Songza.

Changes to the home screen


Google is also visually changing the Google Play Music home screen (both in the app and the web version). The top row, you’ll find your recent activity, than below that you’ll find a few blocks with suggested themes from the new recommendation engine. These can be based on activities, time of day, favourite bands and other things, and these suggestions should change throughout the day.

If you can’t decide what to listen to, there is also a “I’m feeling lucky” button on the right side and it will pick something, semi-randomly.


The only things that haven’t changed in the latest update are the player controls, navigation drawer and where the playlists are located.

Offline music

Play Music has supported offline playback for a while, where you would select a playlist and pin it to save it offline. It could get tiring if you have a lot of playlists that you want to save offline.

Now with the new update, it will store music for offline based on your recently played music.

All the features for the new update, is rolling out starting today and will be coming to the Android and iOS app throughout this week and the web (which it looks like it already has gone live).

Source: Google Play Blog


By Sachin Bahal

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