Nintendo has officially their next home console, the Nintendo Switch. The new console can be played on its own as a standalone Wii-U pad like device/controller, as a traditional console hooked up to your TV via a docking station or you can play on it using its own screen and a wireless controller.

Nintendo released this video that shows off the new console.

Nintendo is aiming to provide single and multiplayer gaming experiences not just at home but also wherever, whenever and whomever they choose to play with.

When you’re at home, you can put the Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo Switch Dock and that dock connects to your TV like a traditional home console. Once you take the Nintendo Switch out from its dock, it will automatically change to portable mode (a la playing Wii U games just on the Wii U gamepad at home).

Nintendo Switch in it's docking station.
Nintendo Switch in it’s docking station.

Nintendo says you’ll be able to get the same gaming experience as you would at home as you would when you take the Nintendo Switch with you. To play games on the go, you will attach the Joy-Con controllers which go on each side of the Nintendo Switch. You can either have one player using both parts of the Joy-Con controller in each hand or you can have two players each you one part of it to multiplayer games.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller.
The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller.

You don’t have to use the Joy-Con controller, you can use the optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to get a more traditional gaming experience. Nintendo also says that multiple people can bring their Nintendo Switch systems together for some local multiplayer gaming.


One of the problems that the Wii U faced was that third-party game developer lost interest and stopped developing for the console, but that lead to Nintendo mostly picking up the slack for games. However, that’s not the case for the Nintendo Switch, there is a huge list of publishers, developers and middleware partners (aka accessory makers) that said they will support the new console.


Nintendo didn’t release any pricing information just yet for the Nintendo Switch but they will be announced in the coming months, leading up to the March 2017 launch of the console.

Source: Nintendo

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