Roku has refreshed their entire streaming player lineup, with three new products (each with an upgraded “+” model); the Roku Express, the Roku Premiere and the Roku Ultra.

Roku Express and Roku Express+


The Roku Express is roughly the same size as the Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV Stick and it will be sold alongside Roku’s existing Streaming Stick. The new Express model has 1080p streaming, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and a single HDMI. It will retail for $29.99 USD ($39.99 CAD).


There will also be a Roku Express+ for $39.99 USD ($49.99 CAD), which also has composite output (red/white/yellow jacks), in addition to the HDMI,  so then will work with older TVs, the Express+ model will be available exclusively at Walmart.


Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+


Next, we have the Roku Premiere, which is the mid-range Roku model. It supports 4K output and streaming, a “fast quad-core processor”, 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless and a “night-listening mode”, which will adjust the volume to be maintain consistency.

A simple IR remote control is included in the box, with the usual streaming service shortcut buttons. The Premiere model is also upscale 720p to 1080p on HDTVs and from 720p or 1080p to 4K up to 60 fps on 4K UHD TVs. The Roku Premiere will go for $79.99 USD ($89.99 CAD).


There will also be a Roku Premiere+ which adds HDR support, an enhanced remote, a microSD card slot and a ethernet port. The Premiere+ will retail for $99.99 USD ($109.99 CAD).

Roku Ultra


The Roku Ultra is the top-of-the-line and it has the same features as the Premiere+ model (4K up to 60 fps, HDR support, microSD card slot, ethernet port) and also adds Dolby Digital and Digital Plus decoding for surround sound systems. There is also a optical digital audio port for sound receivers/sound bars and other sound systems and a full-size USB port for media playback.


Previous Roku models would have their point-anywhere remote control but only the Roku Ultra will have that included while all the other models announced today, have a standard IR remote (which mean you’ll have to point directly at your Roku player for it to work). The Roku Ultra will retail for $129.99 USD ($139.99 CAD).

Pre-orders for all of the new Roku devices announced have already begun at Amazon. They will all release on October 9th.

Source: Roku


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