Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse offers a unique design that is unlike any other bluetooth mouse out there and that’s a good thing but at the same time might be off putting to some consumers.

I’ve been using Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse for the past few weeks and I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely the best bluetooth mouse out there but it’s definitely a good alternative to Logitech’s MX Master Mouse.

The Arc Touch Mouse in the ‘off’ position.

At first glance, it may not seem like a bluetooth because of the unique way it turns on and off (which is done by pressing the mouse completely flat to turn it off and bending it slightly so it’s curved, to turn it on). The outside of the mouse has a soft-touch finish that feels great when using it. But it also collects a lot of dust when I put into my bag, so that’s something to keep in mind.


There’s no real scroll wheel on the Arc Touch Mouse like on traditional mouses, instead there’s metal tab with vibration motors inside to give the illusion of a scroll wheel and it works well but when I had the mouse connected to my Macbook Pro with Retina Display (13-inch), it would occasionally lag just ever so slightly when I scroll on the Arc Touch Mouse’s touch sensor between the two mouse buttons.  

The infamous metal tab scroll bar on the Arc Touch Mouse.
The infamous metal tab scroll bar on the Arc Touch Mouse.

There’s no denying that the Arch Touch Mouse is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Magic Mouse. And Microsoft has done a great job especially since their Arc Touch Mouse works with both Mac and Windows.

Getting the mouse connected to my Mac was relatively easier. All you need to do is turn on bluetooth on your Mac and turn on the mouse and then click connect and then you should be paired. I also tried the mouse with the Samsung TabPro S and it seemed to work much better on Windows 10 than on OS X.


Plus if you use the Arc Touch Mouse with a Windows 10 machine, you’ll be able to customize your mouse using the Arc Touch Mouse app for Windows 10 which isn’t available for OS X.

The curved arc design of the mouse took some getting used to but after a while it seemed natural and was almost like having a proper mouse but just with a gap underneath.


Overall the Arc Touch Mouse is great those who want a mouse that is easy to travel with and has a unique design but at $80 CAD (from the Microsoft Store), it’s hard to recommend the device at that price, especially if you wanted to get it as an alternative to the Apple Magic Mouse.


+            Unique design

+            Travel friendly

+            Works with both Windows and Mac

+            Great battery life

+            Intuitive scroll tab with vibration feedback


   Gets dirty easily (because of soft-touch finish)


   Occasionally unresponsive scroll tab

   Not much heft compared to other bluetooth mouses



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