Pebble just unveiled a new set of products and they’re all launching on Kickstarter. The devices are the Pebble 2, the Pebble Time 2 and a new non-smartwatch device called the Pebble Core.

The Pebble 2 and Time 2 have similar features. They both have an e-paper display, a 24/7 heart rate monitor, a microphone, built-in activity and sleep trackers and are water resistance up to 30 meters.


Both the Pebble 2 and Time 2 will work with any 22mm watch strap.


The Pebble 2 has a high-contrast black & white display and offers up to 7 days of battery life. It is available in five colours: Flame, Aqua, Black, White and Lime. The Kickstarter price starts at $99 USD and will ship in September.

Pebble 2 colours: (L-R) Flame, Aqua, Black, White, Lime

The Pebble Time 2 has a 53% larger colour display as compared to the original Pebble Time. It also offers up to 10 days of battery life and comes in three colours: Black, Gold, and Silver. The Time 2 has a starting price of $169 USD on Kickstarter and will ship in November.

Pebble Time 2
Pebble Time 2 colours: (L-R) Black, Gold and Silver

The Pebble Core is a clippable fitness device that will allow you leave your phone at home when you go for a run or jog. Think of the Pebble Core as the updated iPod Shuffle. The core will pair with your Pebble Watch, sync with your favourite fitness apps (including Runkeeper, Strava, Under Armour Record, MapMyRun, and Google Fit).

Pebble Core
Pebble Core

You’ll also be able to stream music while on the go, track locations, distance and pace using the Core’s built-in GPS.

The Core also has a  built-in emergency SOS feature that can share your location in the case of an emergency.  It also has support for a micro-SIM, so you can give the Core a cellular connection or you can use the built-in WiFi for syncing music to the 4GB of internal storage.

The Core supports both Bluetooth and wired headphones.

Pebble designed the Core so it’s not just for runners, it’s also for hackers so they can take advantage of the hardware expansion port, the two programmable buttons and early access to the Pebble Core’s SDK.


Pebble says,

It’s a Pebble, of course you can hack it! In its essence, Core is a tiny, hackable Android™ computer that fits on your keychain to become your magic button for anything.
Call an Uber* with a click. Track your pet from across the world. Stream data from your car’s ODB port. Pilot a drone from the web. Or, … you get the picture.
The Pebble Core starts at $69 USD through the Kickstarter and will later retail for $99. It will come in Black or White and ship in January 2017.
Pebble says that the Core also supports wireless charging and they are offering a wireless charging pad as a $20 add-on. You just have to add $20 when you make your pledge.
Pebble is also offering all sorts of bundles through their Kickstarter.
  • $149 – Two Pebble Cores in your choice of colors ($198 value)
  • $169 – One Pebble 2 + One Pebble Core in your choice of colors ($228 value)
  • $199 – Two Pebble 2 watches in your choice of colors ($258 value)
  • $229 – One Pebble Time 2 + One Pebble Core in your choice of colors ($298 value)
  • $269 – One Pebble 2 + One Pebble Time 2 in your choice of colors ($328 value)
  • $339 – 2 Pebble Time 2 watches in your choice of colors ($398 value)
You can check out Pebble’s Kickstarter at the link below.

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