It’s that time of year again, April Fools Day. A day to relax but also to be somewhat skeptical about what you see on the internet.

This was everyone on the internet today.
This was everyone on the internet today.

It also would have been a good day to go hide under a rock for a few hours until all the April Fools jokes blow-over or at least until April 2nd.


Google is the king of April Fools Day jokes but this year, one of their jokes went too far that Google actually pulled the joke before the rest of the fun began.

Sony Proton Pack™


Have you ever wanted to be a real life Ghostbuster? Now here’s your chance, Sony has finally developed the world’s first ghost catching device. You can catch your own ghosts with your very own Proton Pack™.

It uses Sony’s Stamina Mode (like on their smartphones) to help improve the battery life. It weighs only 6.66kg and is water and slime resistant.

Google Japan – Physical flick input device

product cut

Google Japan has created a physical flick input device. The Google Japanese keyboard on Android uses flicks on the screen to input characters but there is something about the physical aspect of it that was missing.

Gmail – Mic Drop

Note: This joke was dropped early on because of bugs and causing problems with users. See Google’s blog post for more details

Have you ever been in an email thread and you know that everyone but you is wrong, that’s where Gmail Mic Drop comes in. Once you click the button, you won’t be hearing anything from that thread again.

Gmail Mic Drop_Send

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won but you’ll feel like you did because you know, you are always right.

Inbox – Smart Emoji replies

The Inbox app by Gmail, now has Smart Emoji replies (and yes, it actually does work). Google says, “In our testing, we’ve also found that emoji do a better job of plumbing the emotional depths of one’s soul.” Just open a reply, and Inbox will suggest some emoji. 💩💩💩

Smart Reply Emoji_1

Google Maps – Funky Town

You can go and explore Funky Town within Google Maps. Go to the search bar in Google Maps and you should see “Explore Funky Town”. You’ll see a little animation of the Google Maps pegman doing a bit of disco dancing.  There are at least two to three different animations.


There is also a new pegman in the desktop Google Maps interface.

Credit: Slashgear
Credit: Slashgear

Google Photos – Search by emoji

Inbox is not the only thing that is getting a emphasis on emojis. You can now search through your pictures on Google Photos using emojis. But apparently it only works if you search for dogs dressed like things.

Google Cardboard Plastic

Ever wanted your virtual reality headset to be less cardboard and more real? Well, Google has introduced Google Cardboard Plastic which the first actual reality headset.

Google – Nat And Lo

Even Googlers, Nat and Lo joined in on the April Fools fun at Google.

Google – Play realBooks

Do you like reading e-books but miss the joys of a physical book? Here’s where Google’s realBooks comes in. Imagine that you have one phone/tablet for each book on your shelf instead of having a physical copy. Even when you smell a realBook, it actual smells like old paper.

Google Express – Parachute Deliveries

Why get a drone to deliver your stuff, when you can get your items deliveries by parachutes.

Google Design – More Material


Want even more Material Design? Then you’ll enjoy Material Zero-G. It’s a new floating layer that is way, way, way above all the other layers. Which means bigger shadows, bigger buttons and bigger meaning.

Reddit r/Android


The Android subreddit looks XDA today, don’t forget to press “thanks”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.11.28 AM

 Google Netherlands – Self-Propelled Bicycle

More people drive bikes than cars in the Netherlands, that’s why Google is working on self-propelled bikes.

Google Cloud Platform – Style Detection

Google’s new Style Detection can identify clothing and evaluate the nuances of style to a certain degree. It is aimed to help people improve their style.

Chrome Chromebook Pixel


Do you find the Chromebook Pixel a little dull and not shiny enough? Well, Google has made a the Chrome Chromebook Pixel (like the finish, not Google’s browser).

YouTube – Snoopavision

It’s a new 360-degree video mode featuring Snoop Dogg. There’s not much detail on the new mode other than the video trying to explain it.

Google Fiber – Human Being Transportation

bsd_teleport_6 (2)

Google has made a lot of improvements to Google Fiber, so much that they can transport human beings (or at least sometime soon).


The Google Fiber is working on that and because that humans take a huge amount of data, there won’t be any data caps because “the last thing we want is for our subscribers to be trapped in the Internet because they ran out of data.”

Google X – Compressing the physical world

Google X is looking to tackle some “gigantic shrinking challenges” by trying to compress the physical world with a little help from the Pied Piper team.

Fossil – Backwards site


Fossil took a more toned-down approach to April Fools. They just opted to make their whole site backwards but you can get back to the regular site with a few refreshes.

OnePlus – #GetSandstoned

OnePlus wants to put sandstone on everything.

Lenovo – FaceShield

The Lenovo FaceShield is designed to protect your face in case you accidentally drop your phone while using it lying down in bed.

T-Mobile – Bing John & Binge On Up


T-Mobile has introduced a follow-up to their Binge On feature, its called Binge John, its a whole lot of videos of T-Mobile CEO, John Legere and its provided to T-Mobile customers for free.

T-Mobile also introduced a new device called, Binge On Up. It’s a head-mounted device holder. Its so then you can Binge On while keeping your hands-free and enjoy the real world too.

Nvidia – GeForce GTX ENERGY


Nvidia has introduced a new way to keep gamers, energized. That’s why they have the GeForce GTX ENERGY drink to help with improved response times, faster input speed and longer, more focused gaming sessions.



Imgur for Pets


Imgur is making it easier for your pets to experience the joys of Imgur with Imgur for Pets.

Even the Upvote and Downvote have been changed to Uppaw and Downpaw.

Here’s what Imgur has to say about the new experience made for pets.

Hello, pets!

By now your human has finally given you what you’ve always wanted–complete access to a world of laughs and endless procrastination. In your Imgur for Pets topic you will enjoy special posts like animal life hacks, mesmerizing GIFs, and delicious recipes. Pets, don’t forget to pupvote the best posts and downpaw the worst! Mobile pets can double tap for double joy. Feel free to share your own awesome posts that will appeal to your fellow furballs, then reap the sweet, sweet notoriety points. Remember, your silly hooman may be a source of ridiculous or adorable moments.

If you need inspiration, please refer to the classics below.

Asus ZenFone Max – Powering a Tesla

Asus is always showing off the size of the battery in their ZenFone Max and now they showing how it is powerful enough to charge your Tesla Model S (except not really).

The Witcher 3 – Roach DLC

Even CD Projekt Red, the developer behind The Witcher series is joining the April Fools fun by releasing a trailer for some (not) upcoming DLC that focuses on Geralt’s horse, Roach.

Virgin Mobile – FaceCase Beard Edition


Virgin Mobile has revealed the FaceCase Beard Edition which they say is “an innovative new phone case that allows men to groom their growth on the go.”

Virgin Mobile Canada’s FaceCase Beard Edition™ (CNW Group/Virgin Mobile Canada)
Virgin Mobile Canada’’s FaceCase Beard Edition™ (CNW Group/Virgin Mobile Canada)

The case includes trimming scissors, a beard comb, mustache wax and a beard bib.

Netflix – John Stamos


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.08.06 PM

Just in case you couldn’t get enough of John Stamos, Netflix gave their site, a John Stamos-themed overhaul.

Instead of the usual categories, you find things like: “Trending Now Like John Stamos,” “Comedies John Stamos Thinks are Funny,” and “TV Dramas That Make John Stamos Feel Things He Hasn’t Felt In a Long Time.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.20.27 AM

In addition to all the love for Stamos on their website, Netflix also took to their social media accounts to show off their appreciation for Stamos, by changing their Twitter profile picture to one of their logo with a picture of Stamos.


Netflix also teamed up with Stamos to create a (fake) documentary about his life. In the trailer for John Stamos: A Human, Being, he talks about his own ego by telling the story of his life in a pretentious way as well as his brand.

Later on, a (fake) video leaked out, that showed Stamos in a “caught-on-camera” celebrity freak-out at the Netflix offices (which is still part of this elaborate prank).

Which then had Netflix apologizing to Stamos in another video.

Star Wars Battlefront Subreddit

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.29.47 AM

The mods over at the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit had a bit of fun today, they made it so that all the users on the subreddit (including the moderators themselves) has the same name of sledgehammer70 aka Mat Everett who is the community manager for EA and is pretty active when it comes to answering questions regarding upcoming EA games.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.29.15 AM – George Costanza

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.57.03 PM

GQ didn’t do a whole lot other than change the main three images on their home page to pictures of George Costanza from Seinfeld.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.57.09 PM


Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.05.17 PM

The mods over at the Apple subreddit made it so that it would look like the Apple’s first Mac’s interface. The pirate flag you see below is the same one that Apple flew on April Fools (which is also their 40th birthday).

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.05.24 PM

Razer – Project Breadwinner


Razer is now making a toaster (except not really). Project Breadwinner is a gaming grade toaster. It’s built for gamers, by gamers. Bread to Win.

Razer is also cele-breading their toaster announcement with a chance to win one of fifteen copies of I Am Bread.

Samsung – Internet of Trousers


Samsung has just announced a pair of smart pants. They include Wi-Fly, Get Up Alert and a Keep-Your-Pants-On mode.

There is also a Fridge Lock feature which if it detects the tension around your waist gets too high, the built-in ARTIK chip will send a signal to your fridge to stop you from eating any more food.


The Fridge Lock feature can be deactivated with consent from a designated person like your significant other or mother.

Nissan Australia – N-Connect

Nissan N-Connect
Nissan N-Connect

Nissan Australia has introduced a dating app for your car called N-Connect. This will help you find like-minded driver looking to connect and chat.

Lyft – Prank Mode

Lyft was offering a service on April 1st to help Lyft riders prank your friends in real life.


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