Google has announced that their social network, Google+ will be getting a major redesign that puts more of an emphasis on the Communities and Collections features on the site.

It is the first major redesign of the site since it first launched in June 2011. Gone is the plain white action bar at the top, now there’s a new, more colourful action bar that change colour depending on which section of the site you are on.

Some may say that it looks a lot like Google’s Inbox by Gmail web interface. Google’s new look has more of a material design which is good so then it can go along with Google’s other services that have the same design look.

Dragon Final Animation

The new redesign will be coming also to the Android and iOS Google+ apps in the coming days.

Google is making the new design available to some user right now. The next time you go to your Google+, you may see a “Let’s go” prompt that will give you access to this new redesign. However, some features aren’t available in the new version of Google+, for that you’ll be able to switch back to classic Google+ at any time.

If you don’t see the prompt and still want to try out the new version, try this.

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click on the search bar
  3. That’s it, now you have access to the new Google+

Also in case you didn’t know, TheCanadianTechie also has a Google+ page as well as a Collections page.

Source: Google


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