Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the first game in the Rayman series.

The box art for the first Rayman game in 1995

The character of Rayman came from a few sketches that Michel Ancel made in 1994. He was inspired by Russian, Chinese and Celtic fairy tales. At the time Ancel was begining to design his very first game at Ubi Soft. The original design had a big nose with beady eyes and was made using simple geometric shapes. Ancel has said in a interview from 2011 that “it was quite simple, but funny at the same time.” Ubi Soft eventually funded Ancel’s project which would include Ancel’s Rayman character.


Rayman himself hasn’t really change all that much since the first game. He has always been depicted as limbless humanoid with floating appendages (and no arms) which he can also throw at his enemies.


The only thing that has change about Rayman’s appearance is that he has gone from 2D to 3D then back to 2D over the course of his games.


So here is to many more years of Rayman games from the one and only Ubisoft.

Credit to Rayman2000 on DeviantArt (aka @Misterfan2000 on Twitter) for the Rayman 20th Anniversary artwork used in the featured image.


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