Get it on Google PlayThe popular live-streaming app, Periscope, has finally arrived on Android and you can download it from Google Play, right now.

The team behind Periscope was just a small startup and they limited their launch to iOS and the team said that they wanted to create a “experience that feels special” on Android. So that’s why this version has taken a bit longer.

The app is available to Android users who are running Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) or later. The Android version of Periscope has all the same features as the iOS version, including: being able to start a public or private broadcast, choose to allow comments from those who you follow and being able to interact with a broadcaster (aka a Periscoper) by chatting or sending hearts.


There are some features that are unique to the Android version:

  • The app features a Material-inspired design that should make the app feel familiar yet modern to Android users
  • Android users have more control over additional Push Notification settings, such as: First Time Broadcast notifications (which is when somebody you follow on Twitter broadcasts on Periscope for the first time) and Share Notifications (which is when somebody you follow on Periscope shares somebody else’s broadcast)
  • Periscope on Android also gives you a “Resume Notification” so then you can keep watching where you left off in case your broadcast gets interrupted (by a phone call or message)
  • 1-Yse1uMz0e4x_99AJWphEeAReplays are saved without requiring the broadcaster to upload a file. This will save broadcasters lots of time and help conserve their mobile data

Also don’t forget to follow me on Periscope, @sachinbahal (which is the same as my Twitter)

Source: Periscope


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