On May 22nd 1980, is when Namco (who at the time was a Japanese arcade machine manufacturer) first introduced, Pac-Man. The game was mainly designed for who were into games like Space Invaders or Galaxian.


Toru Iwatani, the lead creator for the game, want to create a game that was “comical” so that everyone could enjoy it, especially women. Iwatani’s character was essentially just a pizza with a slice missing and his enemies are four ghosts and where you can collect colourful fruit for bonus points.

The game, Pac-Man, would go onto to sell 400,000 machines within two years of its release. This would also bring a number of home console ports, updates and spin-offs. Pac-Man has now become a cultural icon.


To celebrate Pac-Man’s 35th birthday of the original Pac-Man, Bandai Namco is updating their mobile versions of the game to have a classic-themed user interface.


There will also so be a huge party in Chicago at Namco’s Level 257 Pac-Man restaurant. People who attend the party, can enjoy free bowling and arcade games. Those guests will also be the first ones to play the unreleased mobile game that is based on the upcoming Adam Sandler movie, Pixels which prominently features Pac-Man. There will also be a number of “industry VIPs” at the party including Pac-Man creator, Professor Toru Iwatani and Pac-Man world record holder, Billy Mitchell.

According to the official invite, there is mention of a” Pac-Man rebooted game”, which may be announced during the birthday celebrations.

So Happy 35th Birthday to Pac-Man! and here is to many more years to come.


Also you can play Pac-Man here: Pac-Man (Google Doodle)

Source: EventBrite, TrustedReviews, Wikipedia


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