On March 15th 1985, the very first .com domain was registered. The company with first domain, was a company called Symbolics, (which has since defunct). This was about a year after the World Wide Web was first invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Symbolics was a computer company that started in Massachusetts. If it Symbolics hadn’t registered the first .com domain. Then we wouldn’t sites like Google.com, YouTube.com or even TheCanadian Techie.com.

By 1987, about 100 domains had been registered and at the time, you would need to go through the U.S. Department of Defense to get a domain. Out of that first 100, the following domains we registered after Symbolics: Xerox.com (January 9th, 1986), HP.com (March 3rd, 1986), IBM.com (March 19th, 1986), Intel.com (March 25th, 1986), Adobe.com (November 17th, 1986) and Apple.com (February 19th, 1987).

Since then, there have been a few notable .com moments from the past 30 years. Some include: Microsoft.com (1993), AOL.com (1995), Amazon.com (1995), eBay.com (1995), Google.com (1997), Facebook.com (2004, as “thefacebook.com”), YouTube.com (2005), and Twitter.com (2006).

Symbolics.com is still registered and is still active to this day. It is considered the oldest .com domain in history.


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