Today, Google announced the design for their own self-driving car. Their design has no steering wheels, pedals or even brakes. It is the latest “out-of-this-world” project from the team at Google X. Google has previously shown off their self-driving technology by implementing them in existing vehicles like a Toyota Prius or a Lexus RX450h.

Google's newly designed Self-Driving Car Prototype (For 2014)
Google’s newly designed Self-Driving Car Prototype (Design Concept)

The new prototype vehicle is a brand-new design, which fits two people and all of the driving is done by a combination of on-board computers and exterior sensors. Google has also said that they plan to build 100 vehicles, so then they can be tested this summer.

Toyota Prius with Google’s Self-Driving technology (Old Prototype)

The look of the prototype design is rounded and a bit like a cartoonish Fiat 500. Google says they’re built with foam and flexible windshields that reduce the chance for injury if they do collide with anything

Google X is known for making major technological advancements. Some of their past projects include: Google Glass, Project Loon, and the Google Contact Lens.

SOURCE: The Verge


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