There were a lot of new tech products that were announced today, but some may think that they are real products. However those were all just elaborate April Fools Jokes. One other thing to mention is that Google had so many jokes this year, that there will be a separate post on just Google’s April Fools’ Jokes.

Toshiba DiGiT

Toshiba took a much toned down approach to their “SmartGlove”. It has a 4K Virtual Retina Display Projector instead of a screen, which projects what you we see on a scree, directly to your eye. It also includes  7.1 Channel Surround Sound Ear Buds, microphones, a 32Megapixel camera with 4K Ultra HD video recording, 64GB of On-Board SSD Storage, NFC, Dual Band WiFi, 1TB of Cloud Storage and it’s powered by a battery that can last about 12 Hours on a charge.

Samsung Fingers

Samsung’s first wearable glove features a  3-inch flexible Super Emo-LED screen on the palm of the Glove. It is the slimmest (at 0.2mm) and lightest (at 1g) that Samsung has made. It also features a 16 Megapixel camera, support for the fastest networks including 5G and WiFi 902.11wz.

HTC Gluuv (Beta)

The HTC Gluuv is designed to seamlessly integrate with your HTC One (M8), it lets you unleash your imagination and communicate in ways you’ve always wanted. It also comes with an extra Duo Camera, exactly like the one features on the HTC One (M8). The Gluuv supports hologram video calls and can sync with the HTC BoomBass, which is durable, humongous and also completely wireless. There is more of an emphasis on design more than functionality.

 Virgin Mobile SmartKicks

Virgin Mobile’s SmartKicks offer a stylish way to keep connected on-the-go. With kinestic soles, on-board Bluetooth speakers and the ability to call home with the click of your heels, these shoes are the ultimate mobile accessory.



  • Get smart with shoe-sole charger that powers by walking.
  • Sync with your calendar and always arrive on time with vibrating meeting reminders.


  • Canvas Uppers
  • 2 1/2″ Mid-cut
  • Lace-up closure
  • 1″ waterproof rubber sole, lugged to provide traction
  • Leather insole with kinetic technology built-in
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and advanced DSP
  • Streams music up to 50 feet



  • Call “Home” from anywhere with the simple click of your heels.
  • Never worry about needing to tip-toe into a meeting again! These heels sync with your mobile calendar and vibrate 15 minutes before meetings to ensure you get moving!
  • Charge your phone on-the-go with a Retract-O-Heel plug-in phone charger.
  • The party’s on your feet with on-board Bluetooth speakers


Toshiba DiGiT

Samsung Fingers

HTC Gluuv

Virgin Mobile SmartKicks

TechnoBuffalo Article

Android Central Article


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