Microsoft Xbox One Event on May 21st 2013 Wrap-up

Finally, after years of waiting and anticipation, Microsoft’s next generation console is finally here, the Xbox One. The console itself will include 8GB of RAM, USB 3.0 ports, a 500GB Hard drive, an octa-core processor which is based off of AMD’s Jaguar design, WiFi direct to help connect to the brand new controller and other devices.

The actual box looks like it could be a HTPC (Home Theatre PC) but instead with a black and silver casing and a large Xbox logo. From an audio and video viewpoint, it supports 1080p and 4K, with 7.1 surround sound. It has a Blu-ray / DVD combo drive that won’t be use very much because supposedly disc-based games will be ripped to the hard drive automatically. In addition to the USB 3.0 ports, there will be a HDMI 1.4 output and passthrough, which basically means HDMI In and Out which will be used to connect with your cable or satellite box and even control connected devices using voice or gesture with the new Kinect sensor.

The New Kinect sensor has a 1080p camera, up from the VGA camera in the original Kinect. The new sensor can process about two gigabits of data per second for better accuracy of tracking movements and gestures. Everything is more accurate for better control. It even has the capability of tracking six people all at once and it can communicate with the standard Xbox controller to add some “PS Move” functionality.For example, if you lift the controller, it could life your character’s shield in game. Microsoft says the Kinect help bring together the Xbox One experience.

The controller that many Xbox gamers have loved or hated over the past few years, has now been redesigned completely for a new look and feel. The traditional “Xbox Button” has been moved up to make room for some newer buttons in the central section of the controller. Another significant change is that the triggers have a built-in rumble system, which Microsoft called “Impulse Triggers”. The d-pad has more of “cross” look to it while the thumbsticks are slightly shorter and have a textured design around the edges, to help give more grip.

The hard drive in the Xbox One has been confirmed that it is a non-removable hard drive, as compared to the Xbox 360, which had a removable proprietary hard drive. However Microsoft reps have confirmed that you will be able to plug-in external storage for more disc-space. You could hypothetically have a Xbox One with a 2.5 TB of storage (the one inside the console and a 2TB external hard-drive).

Microsoft strikes another deal with Activision to make sure the the Xbox One with get all the Call of Duty DLC first, starting with Call of Duty: Ghosts 

Microsoft announced a new Halo live-action TV series, which is created by 343 Industries and the famous Steven Spielberg. Mr. Spielberg will be a executive producer for the series. The show will provide  “exclusive interactive Xbox One content” which doesn’t mean much at the moment. 

The fine folks behind the original Max Payne and the Xbox exclusive, Alan Wake are creating a next-gen game for the Xbox One, called Quantum Break. It tells the story of a young girl, that can see through time and is able to convey what she sees, all while shown in real life. 

Forza Motorsport 5 was also announced for the Xbox One. While there is not firm launch date for the console yet, this title will be sure to arrive on launch day when the new console is released, which is most likely to be Holiday 2013 (around November, December).

Below will be some pictures and then followed by a trailer which was first obtained by Joystiq.

Xbox Studios has said that about 15 exclusive Xbox One titles will be released within it’s first year and 8 of those will be brand-new franchises. There was no indication of what those titles would be, there will probably be more information at Microsoft’s press conference at E3.

Xbox One discs will be linked to user accounts. However if you borrow a game from a friend or lend a game to a friend, you will have to pay a fee, which is full MSRP, which could mean $40, 50 or even $60.
UPDATE: Microsoft has said that Xbox One game will require a regular online spot check, to help verify authentication and there will be NO fee to reactivate a used game. (Check this article on Polygon for more info)
First off, the Xbox One is not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 discs or Xbox Live Arcade. However, your Gamerscore and Xbox Live Gamertag will be transferred over to the new console. It is the Xbox One’s architecture that won’t let the hardware run Xbox 360 games.

The Dashboard UI, still retains the current look on the Xbox 360 in combination with Windows 8 “Metro Style” look. There will be better Skype integration, to allow it to be controlled by Kinect using voice enhancements. You can receive video calls while watching movies, playing games and it will automatically snap to the side to help get it out of the way.

The Xbox One runs on three operating systems simultaneously. There is the main system OS, which is used to run apps, like Skype and other non-gaming apps.There will be some Windows 8 aspect of the Xbox One,   with such things as Snapping two apps side-by-side and separate apps can be pinned to the edge of the TV, to allow gamers to use Xbox apps while playing a game, watching TV or browsing the internet.

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